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Welcome to Saint John Volkswagen Service Specials.

We have a great team of experienced Volkswagen Certified Service Consultants that are here to assist you. Trust your Volkswagen to people who know it best!


Let us fix it right the first time with our Factory Trained Service Technicians. At Saint John Volkswagen we have the latest diagnostic tools and repair techniques, authorized and approved by Volkswagen.

Bring your vehicle to Saint John Volkswagen and see for yourself.



Saint John Volkswagen Fall Service Specials



Now's a great time to switch out your all-season tires, and get your Volkswagen ready to tackle winter head-on.


It's also the perfect time to take advantage of these value-packed service specials.


Our trained professionals give your vehicle the attention to detail only a Volkswagen expert can. So come in today for top-notch service, plus exceptional value and savings.


 Saint John Volkswagen Service Specials Offers in Saint John, New Brunswick



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*VW Plus member exclusive. **Only valid for out-of-warranty customers. 6 months’ roadside assistance is only available to owners of Volkswagen vehicles that are no longer under manufacturer warranty. Roadside assistance is provided by Club Auto Roadside Services. ***Limited time offer available with any paid service. Offers cannot be transferred or exchanged; no cash value. At participating dealers only. Offers end November 30, 2017 and are subject to change or cancellation without notice. See your Volkswagen dealer for full details. “Volkswagen” and the Volkswagen logo are registered trademarks of Volkswagen AG. © 2017 Volkswagen Canada.


Free alignment check with any paid Volkswagen service
25% off
wheel alignment
We’ll make sure your wheels are aligned properly to avoid problems such as irregular tire wear, pulling to one side or an off-centre steering wheel.

15% off
brake fluid replacement
From $59.95, Volkswagen Original cabin filters with installationVolkswagen Original cabin filter installed by authorized technicians.

Service Specials | View Our Latest Service Offers & Discounts

4 Wheel Alignment for only $69.95!


Have your alignment checked for only $34.95!


Call us at 658-1313 to book your alignment today!


Service Specials | View Our Latest Service Offers & Discounts

All out of Manufacturers Roadside Assistance Warranty? No problem! ONLY at Saint John Volkswagen will you get 6 MONTHS FREE ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE with ANY Maintenance Service! Call us at 658-1313 to schedule your Maintenance Appointment today!



New Brunswick Car Service Tips from Saint John VW



Summertime is the perfect season to get the most out of your Volkswagen. VWs love the open road. They love the coast, the ocean, and all of the fun you pack into the precious few months we have with the sun.

Summer travel is a limited time engagement that doesn't stop for breakdowns or dead batteries. Below is a simple checklist to ensure your New Brunswick road trip is problem free and your VW is in top shape.



New Brunswick Car Service Tips from Saint John VW


Air Conditioning Is Essential
When it's 30+ degrees and you have a car full of people you have a full understanding of how important a properly working air conditioning system is. Your air conditioning does more than cool you down; its power system can also be responsible for the water pump that keeps your engine cool. Get your refrigerant levels checked, your air conditioning power source and more when you book with our team this month.


Keeping Your Radiator Cool
Overheating isn't just a problem for people during summer months. Your car's engine can be greatly compromised when your car's coolants aren't getting to it. Winter weather and salted roads can wear away your radiator and cause it to leak or, even worse, erode away. Get your radiator core checked as well as the outside. A plugged radiator core prevents your car from cooling at high speeds. A system flush can move rust out of your cooling tubes and get you back on track.

Water Pumps & Plenty of Coolant Flowing
Antifreeze isn't just for the dead of winter to keep your VW running like a VW. Antifreeze contains ingredients that have a boiling point higher than water, meaning that antifreeze is great at dispursing heat through your car. It also prevents scale and rust from building up in your coolant system as well. Come in for a check up and we'll be able to tell you anything else you'd like to know about keeping your car cool!


Regular Engine Checks
An easy way to ensure your engine and transmission will keep pace with your summer plans is to get your transmission fluid checked and changed. Getting a full flush rather than a refill is a better value to your car's long-term health. You get all of the debris that's built up out, keep it regulating heat properly, and you get the peace of mind that you're good to go on the road. Ask us about transmissions today to get ahead of the game.


Keeping Your Tires On The Straight & Narrow
Your VW may have the towing capacity for your trailer, camper, and pool noodles, but your tires need to be in great shape to bear the load. High temperatures increase the pressure in your tires, so be sure to get your tires filled to the correct levels before leaving on a trip. Consider starting your trip on new treads if your tires are worn from previous seasons. Ask us about the perfect fit for tires and get ready to hit the road with peace of mind you can trust!


Take The Top Down This Summer with Saint John VW! | VW Service and VW Parts For Less